The Fieldstone Review

I spy a pair of eyes: a riddle

This creature is hidden behind walls,
concealed in confines clasped tightly shut,
or whisked away in wheels and hutch.
A pair of eyes inside steel slots,
peer into mine, pupils brightened
black as onyx, an unblinking stare.
I touch a tuft of tangled fur,
long hairs flecked with fleas and dirt,
a tail flicking teeming flies
from scuffed hooves, hard as stones.
I see such pale nostrils flared
smelling soured piss on matted hair,
the grating wet with waste and gore,
or poison methane masking air.
Still, I discern two docked ears
through tiny cracks carved in the wall
and hear the moans, muffled and dull,
the clang of cage, the cold, hard metal,
and two dark pupils placed on me.

ANSWER: livestock in truck