The Fieldstone Review

Life Under the War Memorial Bandstand: An Amputated Labour Day Sonata

Seasonal Washrooms:
Open: First of May
Hours: 9:00am to 10:00pm
Closed: Labour Day Evening

A sign with so many colons,
I didn't know
bathrooms existed here.
I sit on the bandstand
barefoot and superior
writing poems extolling
war dead, people peeing
beneath me. Signs, labels
separate the sexes.
Men, shown with pants
women, the dress
Ladies to the last. Behaviour,
curbed to suit the image.
Latrine land for men
means, no privacy.
Real men have no problems
Showing off their dicks and
Dying for their country
Rosie left
to screw the nuts
back home. Anything for the war
effort. Death by gun
Is now an equal opportunity,
So, you would think
they would put doors
in the men's shitter,
equality only goes so far.
As a woman, in my enclosed
cubical, the only blood
I spill is when I change
a tampon, and...Who
cleans this place anyway?

Tomorrow, this place will close
But for today,
I write a poem
And flush a toilet.