The Fieldstone Review

Saskatoon 2020 A.D.

my tears land
on the clean sheets
in room three-oh-four
I vacuum, change the towels
disinfect the tub and sink
new soap, glasses
on to three-oh-six
treadmill job, a flat in the slums
with my two sons
thirteen and eleven
rooms too small to breathe
their friends with knives
baseball bats and no ball
the street the only game
where admission is free
each morning I walk to work
past River Landing's new art gallery
see the Mercedes parked in front
eight dollars to go in
last night we saw the fireworks show
at the river, so many colours
no charge, everyone was welcome
like when we go to the food bank
sometimes I watch lazy lovers
on the grass near the Bessborough
they walk the river path, point at yellow
kayaks in their whitewater heaven
my boss lives in a condo village with a gate
hydro-turbines in the weir
heat the hot-tub in his back yard
not the shower water in my flat
mud sturgeon and suckers swim at the weir
the fish ladder helps them climb
out of their trap, to a better place
where is the ladder for me?