The Fieldstone Review

Note from the Editor

I hope that this edition of the Fieldstone Review is as exciting and refreshing for you as it was for all of us here. We are particularly excited about this edition because it is both the Fieldstone’s first special edition and it is also our return to print. It has been a lot of fun – mixed with serious dedication – to get this journal back on its feet. I must say, none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the wonderful effort put in by the entire editorial staff. Jon deTombe, Adar Charlton, Jon Bath, Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, and Rob Imes have more than outdone themselves. I found myself awed by their devotion and creativity each and every time that we met to put this edition together.

This edition is brimming with literary delights. The poetry section offers varying poems that move from ecological issues, identity, and place, to whimsy and – much to my delight – swashes of Saskatchewan flavour. It is my hope that the prose section will engage and entertain you with the same fervour that it has me. There is enough existential angst and country-n-western to keep me sated for a while. I was surprised and pleased by the abundance of talented submissions we have received and I hope that these chosen pieces surprise and please you too.

We are also blessed here, at the University of Saskatchewan, to have recently started an MFA program in creative writing. This past year was the first year of the program, and, from what I have heard, it has been quite successful. We are lucky that our new coordinator is an old friend of the Fieldstone and she was kind enough to give us a few words. I highly recommend reading Jeannette Lyne’s “Musing in Work Boots.” I feel that she accesses the sense of literary community that we strive for here at the Fieldstone Review.

This experience has been wonderful, and I hope you enjoy what we have put together here for you.

All the best,
Josh-Wade Ferguson
Editor in Chief