The Fieldstone Review

Editors' Note

We know how hard it is to read onscreen. We know how easy it is to wander off to other sites. We also know how unpolished much of the content on the Web is. And so we, the members of The Fieldstone Review staff, have worked extra hard in this, our second issue. We wanted to give you literary journal-quality content that would keep you reading all the way through, and we hope we've achieved that goal.

During our selection process, we try to include both emerging and established authors and we do not put weight on where authors reside. At the same time, we're pleased that many of our authors are from Saskatchewan this year. For example, we are delighted to include a non-fiction piece by Governor General's award winner Robert Calder, and to be the first journal to publish work by emerging poet Meagan Wohlburg. We're proud to place these authors next to some voices from around the world.

As a journal that's delivered online, we seek to publish traditional literary works next to those that push the boundaries by leveraging hypertext and other qualities that are unique to this medium. We will strive to include more of these innovations as the journal evolves.

So, without further ado, enjoy this, the second issue of The Fieldstone Review. Please let us know if you enjoy reading these pieces as much as we did.

Deborah Leiter, 2006-2007 Managing Editor
Holly Luhning, 2006-2007 Editor-in-Chief