The Fieldstone Review

Houses on Siletz Spitz

“Sawed logs within the spit indicate that the portion of the Siletz Spit on which the houses had been built must have suffered previous erosion, sometime after 1895. After that early erosion the dunes must have built back out and become re-established.”
- Paul D. Komar and C. Cary Rea, The Causes of Erosion to Siletz Spit, Oregon

Every hundred years or so
the river swells like a sea
and crazy happens –

driftwood in living rooms,
underwater saltwater kitchens,
docks and moorages swept away.

Old ones’ homes are dry
on upriver stilts
while new construction is gone

as if it never existed
until the next owners
and those who would cheat them

arrive from the east.
Gary at Coyote Rock told me
this would happen

to anyone who didn’t listen
to men who have dwelled here
ten thousand years.