The Fieldstone Review

Editor's Note

There are many people I’d like to thank personally for their contributions to the 2015 edition of the Fieldstone Review. I would like, first, to thank all the authors who submitted works for consideration, including those appearing in this issue (Elizabeth Andrews, j tate barlow, Chelsea Eckert, Shauntay Grant, Clarissa P. Green, Meaghan Hackinen, Cyndi MacMillan, Derek Mascarenhas, Scott T. Starbuck, and Fraser Sunderland).

I would also like to thank our section editors, Tara Chambers (poetry), Sheheryar B. Sheikh (fiction), and Adar Charlton and Martin Winquist (creative nonfiction), as well as our readers, Kyle Dase, Jade McDougall, Patrick O'Reilly, Claire Peacock, Jessica Ratcliffe, Brendan Swalm, and Aaron Thacker. In addition, I’d like to thank Shakti Brazier-Tompkins, both for her work as copy editor and for generously sharing her experiences as a past general editor of the Fieldstone.

Finally, I’d like to thank Jon Bath of The Humanities and Fine Arts Digital Research Centre, who has continued to support the Fieldstone over the years by, among other things, using his technical expertise to provide us with a way to share these works with the world at large.

Michael J. Horacki