The Fieldstone Review

Editor's Note

Welcome to The Fieldstone Review 7! When we put out our call for submissions in 2013, the editorial team decided to leave it general rather than asking contributors to submit work that conformed to a particular theme, and we received a multitude of contributions that were wonderfully varied in content, form, and tone. It is always difficult to decide where to draw that dividing line between which work will be accepted for publication and which will not, and the contributions offered here represent the very best of many excellent pieces submitted for consideration.

I want to thank the many people who have helped make the 2014 issue of The Fieldstone Review a success. Editors Jon Bath, Carleigh Brady, Adar Charlton, Andréa Ledding, Mari-Lou Rowley, Martin Winquist, and James Yeku have worked very hard to make decisions, meet deadlines, work with contributors, and generally keep the journal running so it could produce this issue. Many readers also volunteered their time and energy to pore over the submissions with the portfolio editors, some of them reading in more than one category and some of them taking on reading in one category in addition to their work as editors of another. Thank you for your commitment to this journal Elyn Achtymichuk, Carleigh Brady, Stephanie Danyluk, Sarah-Jane Gloutnez, Adam Grieve, Bonnie Heilman, Michael Horacki, dee hs, Rob Imes, Jade McDougall, James Mulcahy, Jessica Patrucco, Claire Peacock, Jessica Ratcliffe, Jonathan Sherman, Sarah Taggart, Heather Touet, Martin Winquist, and Kevin Ziegler. The Fieldstone Review could not exist without so many people willing to offer their time and talents to this journal as editors, readers, and contributors.

I hope that you enjoy The Fieldstone Review 7!

Shakti Brazier-Tompkins