The Fieldstone Review

Other Skies in Other Places

it is an over-documented time
each second making as much sense
as each withering week and month
you look all around yourself
practising methods of detection
as a last resort looking upward
the sky or what used to be called sky
dripping confusion and memory
the confusion clever as night
the memory short of cleverness
and other skies in other places
you fearing night and its accomplices
going into a room away from sky
the walls painted as close
to blood-red as the word allows
the ceiling not a sky nor
a word for sky and night
and when you leave
a year or two later
having difficulty with time
as with skies and colours
seeking new colours
the world had changed
you deciding to call sky, earth
and earth, sky
and suddenly you could smile
before the sky falls on
you and your words
leaving you colourless