The Fieldstone Review

"Just you wait and see"

from “The White Cliffs of Dover” (Nat Burton/Vera Lynn)

Some species of long-distance spring migrants are declining
in numbers at an accelerating, possibly unsustainable, rate.

Tonight the sky’s all pulsing hearts, concealed
like stars beyond the Milky Way. Not shape-
shifters nor sleeping ones the Hopi knew,
half ours, alternative far worse, they chase
the tilt of Earth and charm us with their voice.
Heralds, angels on high, no choice, inbred,
trade weather, desert, ocean, birds of prey,
for daylight, food, fair chance to breed and thrive.
What if they don’t turn up, flycatcher, swift,
warbler and turtle dove, those cuckoos in
‘The Times’, that nightingale in Berkeley Square?
Will spring go missing too? Inexorable
high tide; you don’t believe it possible?
It’s here; get real, bluebirds at 12 O’clock.