The Fieldstone Review

Pinching Time

A photo in the hall yellow
four in a row at the table round faces bowed
hairnets from forehead to necknape

four pairs of hands planted potatoes hoed weeded watered

kneaded bread knitted blankets booties
mittens scarves & toques

pinching perfect traysful
of perogies

Mind you this is not an auntie’s playful little pinch
this is not a wife’s reminder to a husband

this two-handed pinch lines up edges of dough filled with potato and cheese pursed lips press together

Unsealed edges can explode in bubbling water y’know

Frances Woloshyn learned life’s events become more palatable with perogies cabbage rolls blood sausage
honey cake

Debbie Skayzyk sang Ukrainian hymns shower-memorized before icons of the Blessed Virgin
gilded in candlelight

Helen Urbanski bridal crown closest to the altar the day she stepped through that cloud of incense married

After Marilyn Hryniuk did not choose the convent she sat in university classrooms her mother
once cleaned