The Fieldstone Review

Editor's Note

Welcome to the environment issue of The Fieldstone Review! Last year's theme of politics was so well received that the editorial team decided to do it again, and I think you will be pleased by the variety of ways in which our contributors have responded to and interpreted this year's theme of environment. From ice fishing and father-daughter relationships to a childhood spent under Grandma's unyielding rule to an antler's apologia, this issue's eclectic mix has something to suit every taste. I invite you to explore issue six's offerings as you might a garden: pausing to examine the intricacies of some parts and the vibrant textures and colours of others, but also taking time to notice what each part contributes to the whole.

Our editors are the face of The Fieldstone Review, and I thank Jon Bath, Jordan P. R. Bolay, Adar Charlton, Federica Giannelli, Robert Imes, and Martin Winquist for their dedication to this journal, and to the returning editors in particular for helping me to transition from my previous position as copy editor to my new role as editor-in-chief of The Fieldstone Review. I also want to acknowledge and thank our readers, Carleigh Brady, Devin Ens, Andréa Ledding, Jade McDougall, Catherine Nygren, Thomas Onion, Jessica Ratcliffe, and Meghan Witzel, for giving of their time and their talents as scholars and, in some cases, creative writers themselves. Their efforts have been invaluable.

Together, we have built The Fieldstone Review 6 out of the contributions of many skilled and discerning writers, and I am pleased to offer it for your exploration. I hope that you enjoy reading these pieces as much as we did.

Shakti Brazier-Tompkins