The Fieldstone Review


I placed it like a reminder
in the corner of my computer screen;
all day I kept coming back to it:
the web cam a mile underwater
recording clouds and plumes of filth
expelled like an explosive diarrhea
from the bowels of the earth,
convulsive, unstoppable,
polluting the soft, blue-green waters
and pure white sands
of the warm, salt sea,
its rich, teeming, varied life –
dolphins playing at dawn,
stealthy, sinuous sharks,
fish the colours of the rainbow,
vibrant corals and seaweeds,
mollusks and crustaceans,
the most magnificent birds
and intricate shells –
fouled and mired in the earth's shit.
The very substance of our greed
come back to contaminate the world,
until the last fires of internal combustion
are quenched.