The Fieldstone Review

Controlling the Masses

Sitting at a worn picnic table in a wide open field,
The woman teaches illiterate men how to read and write.
While she scribes for one man, the others stand to leave
With no explanation.
The remaining blue-eyed, dark-haired, soft-skinned man
Instructs the woman to write his story.
He tells of his life as a mercenary.
He adds that he is never happy,
He doesn't know why,
But he cannot feel.
The woman leans in and whispers–
We are test subjects, we are being watched, we aren't free to be happy.
The killing man and the teaching woman kiss.
He doesn't like her lip gloss because it tastes like cinnamon,
But he likes the feel of her salty skin.
They giggle.
She points out that he has now felt three things.
There is a connection.
Two scientists emerge from nowhere.
Furious that the killing machine and educator have met.
They weren't supposed to.
Strength and intelligence are a threat.
The two desire each other, but sense they cannot be together.
Why are they here? How do they get out?
The field is wide open.
Few can read and write.
They cannot be together.
His instinct is to fight.
Hers is to think.
The test subjects weren't supposed to meet.
This connection might suggest defeat.
And freedom is too dangerous.