The Fieldstone Review

Editors' Note

Literary journals should be original and intellectually fulfilling. In this progressive online format, we hope that TFR adheres to this basic credo. As the journal evolves we will strive to include more multimedia aspects to each issue, such as audio and visual recordings, photography, and other visual art.

TFR began, in part, to bring together emerging and established writers and thinkers. With this, our first issue, we think we have achieved our goal. In our first edition you will find work from artists such as Jeanette Lynes and Glen Sorestad alongside pieces by promising writers like Alison Frost and Dianne Miller. You'll also find reviews of books emerging from some of Canada's innovative small presses.

We anticipate that TFR will be a long-lasting place for development, a forum to expose writers from diverse backgrounds to a creative format to showcase their work, and a place for discussion, ideas, and growth.

Enjoy the first issue,

Holly Luhning (Editor-in-Chief)

David Hutton (Managing Editor)